Save Taimoor Raza

A Pakistani counter-terrorism court has handed down a death sentence to Taimoor Raza, a Muslim of Shi'a persuasion, for allegedly committing blasphemy on Facebook. Please sign this petition to save Taimoor's life. Taimoor is being punished for his religious beliefs and has been framed by religious zealots who have taken over the Pakistani counter terrorism department.

This petition has a goal of 1000000 signatures
26-50 of 228 signatures
Number Date Name Location
203 5.2 years ago Aabis Ali Rizvi Delhi, ot , IN
202 5.2 years ago Anonymous No e, AL , PK
201 5.2 years ago Anonymous Brampton , ON , CA discussion on the social media cannot be valid consideration for punishment , u don't know who is behind the veil
200 5.2 years ago kishwar rizvi Hazelwood, MO , US Shia can not do blasphemy don't try to unjustice
199 5.2 years ago Khushnood Raza Richmond Hill , ON , CA If he is a Shia Faith Muslim he can not do the Blasphemy in any way for Sure n 100% True
Don't try to unjust with this person Allah Swt will destroy those who will commit this SIN
May Alla...
198 5.2 years ago Ali Shah Karachi, ot , PK
197 5.2 years ago Ather Zaidi ilford, ot , GB
196 5.2 years ago Mohammad raza Panjwani North York , ON , CA
195 5.2 years ago Aunali Lakhani Maple , ON , CA
194 5.2 years ago Mustafa Datoo Toronto , ON , CA
193 5.2 years ago Asad Rizvi London, ot , GB
192 5.2 years ago Ammar Hasan Toronto, ON , CA Stop punishing innocent shia for only his belief. Punish the killers who kill people instead.
191 5.2 years ago Anonymous London , ot , GB U K G B
190 5.2 years ago Syed Naqvi St Albans, ot , GB Plz stop this nonsense.
189 5.2 years ago Anonymous Richmond Hill, ON , CA We demand for his release ASAP being an innocent shia Muslim.
188 5.2 years ago Anonymous Karachi, ot , PK
187 5.2 years ago Anonymous Karachi , ot , PK Stop religious discrimination.
186 5.2 years ago syed hyder Rawalpindi, ot , PK Pakistan
185 5.2 years ago Syed Naqvi Hull, ot , GB Stop playing with the lives of innocent people in the name of Islam. Stop the death sentence of an innocent muslim and fear GOD, whose wrath is the strictest. Stop accusing innocent people wrongly. ...
184 5.2 years ago Anonymous Khitan, ot , KW Stop this panalty otherwise take same action against Muzafar Wali and same as muzafar..
183 5.2 years ago Shoaib Hassan Karachi, ot , PK history some personalities are having doubts full character. They can not be declared as sacred persons. If someone believes on doubts, he can not be charged for blasphemy.
Stop deth penalty ......
182 5.2 years ago Sajjad Joher Karachi, ot , PK
181 5.2 years ago Anonymous Hinsdale , IL , US
180 5.2 years ago Zia Mehdi Greater Noida, ot , IN
179 5.2 years ago Farhan Naqvi Karachi, ot , PK Stop this death sentence at once.
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