Save Taimoor Raza

A Pakistani counter-terrorism court has handed down a death sentence to Taimoor Raza, a Muslim of Shi'a persuasion, for allegedly committing blasphemy on Facebook. Please sign this petition to save Taimoor's life. Taimoor is being punished for his religious beliefs and has been framed by religious zealots who have taken over the Pakistani counter terrorism department.

This petition has a goal of 1000000 signatures
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227 8 months ago Hassan Bukhari Faisalabad, ot , PK He is not a blashemer of Rasool pbuh....he indulged in a framed debate where he shared issues regarding sehaba'.which are religious issues with historical facts.kindly dont take in as blasphemy of R...
226 9 months ago Alexis Maestre-Saborit Fort Myers, FL , US
225 9 months ago Anonymous Toronto , ON , CA
224 9 months ago Anonymous Jamaica, NY , US
223 9 months ago Anonymous South River, NJ , US
222 9 months ago Anonymous Derby, ot , GB
221 9 months ago Anonymous Cleveland, OH , US In the name of justice, please. Thank you.
220 9 months ago Anonymous Calgary, ot , CA
219 9 months ago Abdullah Habhab Wolfsburg, ot , DE against oppression and injustice
218 9 months ago Majid John Karimi Centreville, VA , US Don't try to unjust with this person Allah will destroy those who will commit this SIN.
217 9 months ago Akbar Abba Corpus Christi, TX , PK freedom of Speech is the fundamental right of freedom all over the world. thank you
216 9 months ago Taufiq Hassan Kolkata, ot , IN
215 9 months ago Anonymous Scarborough, ON , CA Please free taimore raza he is innocent. Also what kind of law is this. At the time of Rasool e kareem SAWW kafir and mushrekeen had very bad and insulting behavior with Nabi SAWW. Nabi e kareem nev...
214 9 months ago Anonymous Fort Mill, SC , US
213 9 months ago Anonymous Brampton , ON , CA
212 9 months ago mrk kazmi Huston, CA , US
211 9 months ago Anonymous SYDNEY, ot , AU
210 9 months ago Anonymous Dubai, ot , DO
209 9 months ago Anonymous wah cant, ot , PK
208 9 months ago Anonymous MELbourne, ot , AU All sects are united that this crime is not resulted in death sentence
207 9 months ago Syed Raza Baltimore , MD , US This is not true. Free the innocent Taimoot RAZA
206 9 months ago Anonymous Birmingham , ot , GB
205 9 months ago Anonymous Woodside, NY , US
204 9 months ago Syed Raza Epping, ot , AU Stop this injustice.
203 9 months ago Aabis Ali Rizvi Delhi, ot , IN
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